American Delivery

In the U.S.—where more women die in childbirth than any other wealthy nation—the joys of pregnancy and motherhood are often overshadowed by fear. Amid a growing maternal health crisis, especially for women of color, American Delivery is a documentary that tells the story of the glimmers of hope: women finding their voice and autonomy; nurses listening to women and offering birth choices; and hospital leaders welcoming the community as the patient. The film interweaves the stories of women and their families across the U.S. as they navigate the challenges of pregnancy, mental health, childbirth, and the postpartum period. It paints a joyous portrait of the moment babies come into the world, and the heroic efforts of families and communities to catch new mothers before they fall through the broken maternal health safety net.

Our filmmaking team has spent the last 12 years uncovering stories of nurses dramatically impacting our health and healthcare in the United States, using personal storytelling to help the public understand the impact of nurses as a collective professional body. We have an opportunity right now to shine a light on the catalysts who are changing the global landscape of maternal and infant health.

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